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  • 6524 EJ Nijmegen (The Netherlands)
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Unfortunately, the latest developments surrounding the Corona virus made us decide to take drastic measures. For this reason, appointments that are not urgent are no longer physically performed. This means that you will be called at the time of your appointment, on the telephone number known to us, by your optometrist or contact lens specialist. During this telephone consultation, the optometrist / contact lens specialist determines the term for a new appointment. You do not have to come to the clinic. If your appointment is urgent, the assistant will contact you to invite you to the location. However, if you have respiratory problems (cough, sore throat, cold) or fever (38 degrees or higher), report this immediately to the assistant and do not come over to the clinic. We will then look for a suitable solution. If your appointment is not urgent, you will receive an e-mail and text message with the above information again. You may receive multiple messages from us. If you receive a call from the assistant, always follow this notification. Note: Liquids and / or lenses are sent to your postal address. It is currently not possible to collect liquids and / or lenses from our locations. If you have any questions please call 088-9008080 or email info@vissercontactlenzen.nl