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Zeke’s Past Returns

Author: Crystal Linn

Pages: 20
Description: Zeke and Ava continue to settle into married life, basking in the glow of their new union.
Aunt Rachael seems determined to be the neediest person in a five state area. Ava wants to help, of course, but Zeke and Ava’s brothers finally decide enough is enough, and tell young Ava she is working herself sick, trying to run two households. Ava protests, sounding all too much like her bossy aunt.
Jasmine Jenkins, an old flame of Zeke’s, shows up in town one day, completely out of the blue, and proceeds to drive her flaming red Mustang all over looking for her “old friend Zeke.”
Word of her arrival spreads throughout the entire county by end of the first day, reaching Ava’s ears before Zeke even knows she is in town.
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