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Title: Love★Com, Vol. 4

Author: Aya Nakahara

ISBN: 9781421515380
Pages: 171
Description: The (most definitely one-sided) love story of Risa and Otani continues! The name of the game is stupidity and the grad-prize winner is Otani!

In this volume, Risa has accepted her feelings towards Otani, but things get complicated when she finally has to put these emotions out in the open. If only he was smart enough to realize it himself!

This has been one of my favourite volumes so far! It’s a roller coaster of desperation as you watch the frustration rise. I know frustration isn’t normally a positive, but here it is the best thing ever. I think that having all these ups and downs in their relationship is what makes this good stand-alone love story. The story is just so cute yet pathetic and overall it really keeps true to the characters.

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