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The Year I Met August

Author: Renea Porter

Pages: 222
Description: It was the summer before college and Murphy was ready to experience life, as any girl should. During an outing with her sister she meets August. He’s older, and more experienced than she is.

She knew a relationship at this point was almost pointless. With an internship at the end of summer and then college in the fall. Her schedule was full.

Murphy told herself that she could walk away from August without any repercussions. If only her heart had listened.

Walking away at the end of the summer was difficult. But they agreed to keep in touch and see each other whenever possible. They still didn’t put a label on their relationship.

Eventually August showed his true self. He was so ashamed, he hid his secret from her for as long as possible. Now that his secret was out, Murphy had no clue how to handle it.

Will she stay with him so they can deal with it together? Or will it be too much for her to take on?
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