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The Crystal Bird

Author: Helen Drayton

Pages: 380
Description: Telescoping back and forth between modern and ancient times, “The Crystal Bird” is a unique, compelling and magical masterpiece of adventure, star-crossed love, and history. Death waits in shadows as slavers make their way through East Africa’s Great Rift Valley. They attack a group of young warriors who strike back. Six centuries later, a team, led by archaeologists Allan Cline and Christopher Ward, is exploring caves in the very region. Mesmerized by 50,000-year-old-artefacts, they stumble into a strange land and find themselves among the Ashais people who protect a strange bird and world-changing secrets. The archaeologists have a compelling story to tell, truths that upend written history and challenge beliefs about the very genesis of humankind. The people sense danger and take preemptive action to protect their secrets and way of life. The archaeologists feel the weight of centuries of betrayal and brutality that shatters lives.

“An epic tale of an ancient civilization confronting the present…explorers are torn between their respect and reverence for the land they’ve discovered and the potential cures they could bring back to the world, transforming this fast-paced adventure story into a much deeper and more complicated tale…A unique, engaging story of star-crossed love, history and mythical magic.”—Kirkus Reviews.

“A dynamic story that echoes classic time-and-space travel odysseys…it grips readers with its focus on the dilemma of imperiled explorers and star-crossed lovers, and the contrastingly serene, enviable lives of the Ashais…Readers will no doubt be enchanted by Drayton’s atmospheric descriptions of the magical world of Ashaise.”—ForeWord Clarion Reviews.

“A beautifully written tale of what was, what could have been, and what could still be! Set in a land outside time, it deals with all of mankind’s frailties and strengths. It’s also a beautiful love story. This book has an intricate storyline with well-developed characters. It’s the first book I have ever read where the main characters were African/African American. I was so impressed with the attention to detail, supported by authentic research showing that many of us have badly pre-conceived notions of what civilization really is and where it started. It bumped up my curiosity to learn more about these ancient civilizations and I am amazed at what I have found. Worth every penny and I strongly recommend it!” – Thora Dorn.

“Plenty of action throughout to keep the reader interested. Perfect amount of twists and turns you don’t expect. Pleasantly surprised at ending. A must read to the the end. No skipping pages, reader will miss out. One more P. Passion driven to the end. Will look for more from this author.” – Autumn27Zoeyon.
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