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My Healer

Author: Alanea Alder

Pages: 270
Description: Fun loving wolf-shifter Colton Albright’s usual concern…his next meal, has been replaced by haunted dreams. The nightly visions of the sad, anxious face of his mate have this jovial jokester withdrawing from his fellow Alpha Unit members.

Rheia Bradley is a dedicated professional that lives to help others, but has long forgotten how to help herself. When she arrives in Lycaonia seeking the protection of the warrior units, Colton is ecstatic to discover that she’s his mate. His relief is quickly eclipsed by one small problem, a tiny, solemn four-year-old girl who happens to be his mate’s adopted daughter. Which means… he is now a father!

While Rheia settles into her new job, Colton and all his fellow warriors are about to get a crash course on little girls. The men quickly learn that not one ounce of their centuries-long training has prepared any them for this precocious child.

When Rheia uncovers something about their enemy that puts her name next to her daughter’s on their hit list, Colton is willing to do anything to keep his new family safe. But will it be enough?
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