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Welcome to Visser Contact Lenses

Visser Contact Lenses is a Dutch optical company specialised in fitting contact lenses for medical reasons. We have a reputation in ophthalmology as the go-to specialist for fitting scleral lenses for patients with corneal defects, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

Our expert team of optometrists works closely with ophthalmologists in hospitals all over the Netherlands. We work together with NIIOS (Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery).

If you have any questions about the application of our scleral lenses or if you are interested in working with us, please contact us.

As a result of modern production techniques and Simone Visser's continued development of her father’s fitting method for scleral lenses, the lens is successfully used to treat various eye conditions.

Visser Contact Lenses is at the forefront of the development of contact lenses, and scleral lenses in particular. As such, our optometrists have conducted or assisted in a variety of studies.

Visser Contact Lenses is an optical company which was founded by Mr and Mrs Visser in 1977. It started out as a practice in their home, and has since developed into a company with 25 branches.